Invisible Wireless Charger,Wireless charger for furniture,30millimeter Long Distance Under Table Charger for Extreme Edition


Long distance wireless charging scheme design

Invisible Wireless Charger

The Future of Charging

A new powerful wireless charger that can be hidden under your desktop and charge your mobile devices directly through desktop.  Its input is 24V / 1A,supporting wireless charging distance at up to 30 millimeters(1.18 inches), making the traditional Qi 2-8mm far behind. In actual testing, the product can fill the iPhone 8P in 100 minutes

Super Stable Charging

Power any wirelessly-charged QI device in your arsenal at an uninterrupted MAX 10W.

Certified Safe

Invisible Wireless Charger is Compatible with QI standards, They are guaranteed to work flawlessly with all other Qi-certified device.


All wirelessly-charged QI device

Product Detail

Product Dimensions:120mm*120mm*10mm or 4.72* 4.72*0.39 inches

Product accessories:Mounting shell,AC Adapter,Square magnetic patch,PVC desktop patch

Safeguard Standard: FOD,OTP,OVP


Do not use Other power supplies over 24v/2A or a computer's USB port to power your Invisible wireless charger.

Power supply below 24v/1A does not allow the charger to reach operating conditions.

If the LED light flashes while charging, please check to ensure that the thickness of table and has no metal attachments, expandable grips, or credit cards. If the problem persists, reboot your phone and make sure that it is centered on the charging surface.

This device is not compatible with the Apple Watch and Android Watch.

The thickness of the table top should be between 15 -30 millimeters(0.59-1.18 inches) ,And make sure there is no metal in the desktop interlayer.


How much is your mini order? What if the demand is small?

There is an MOQ for each specification; if the demand is small or proofing, it is recommended to contact our sales.

Where are your products used??

Our long-distance wireless charging products are mainly used in the home industry, commercial office, whole house customization, hotel catering, entertainment facilities, government convenience public welfare facilities.

Is your offer fixed?

Our quotation will be adjusted according to the monthly rise and fall of electronic components. The update cycle of the quotation is about 25-30 days, please refer to the actual quotation.

How about the feedback ?

The warranty period of our products is 1 year (except appearance parts).

What is the difference between your product and ordinary wireless charging products?

Our products do not need to dig holes in the desktop, and are installed directly under the desktop, so that ordinary furniture immediately has the function of long-range wireless charging, and does not destroy the desktop design, hidden installation.

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